Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amber Colored Bakelite Dress Clipclear, Shoe Clipclear, Carved. Diamond Shaped and Translucent.



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This diamondlovely diamondantique diamondis diamond2.5 diamondx diamond1.5" diamondand diamondhas diamonda diamondclip diamondattachment diamondwith diamondsharp diamondlittle diamondteeth. diamondI diamondam diamondnot diamondsure diamondif diamondit diamondis diamonda diamonddress diamondclip, diamonda diamondshoe diamondclip, diamondor diamondboth. diamondPossible diamondthat diamondthere diamondwere diamondonce diamondtwo. diamondDeeply diamondhand diamondcarved. diamondClip diamondreads diamond"MADE diamondIN diamondU.S.A."Gorgeous diamondand diamondvery diamondcool. diamondThe diamondcolor diamondis diamondlike diamonda diamondnice diamondclear diamondamber. diamondThere diamondis diamondno diamondcrazing diamond(no diamondcrackle diamondsurface).

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