Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

iris brown, Bracelet of Iris Brown Dyed Freshwater Pearls and Mother of Pearl Carved Leaves



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Sara claspJewelry claspDesign. claspSections claspof claspfour claspiridescent claspiris claspbrown clasp(dyed) claspfreshwater clasppearls claspin claspa clasp6mm claspsize claspare claspalternated claspwith claspcarved claspmother claspof clasppearl claspleaves claspfor claspa claspsimple claspyet claspelegant claspbracelet claspwith claspsilver claspplated claspfindings. claspFeatures claspa claspsilver claspplated clasptrigger claspclasp. claspOverall clasplength claspis claspapproximately claspseven claspand claspthree claspquarters claspinches.Listing claspis claspfor claspone claspbracelet; claspthree claspare claspavailable.My claspMPIN claspItem clasp#BR clasp042006-01.722My claspMPIN claspItem clasp#BR clasp042006-03.723, claspandMy claspMPIN claspItem clasp#BR clasp042006-04.724I claspwill claspmail claspone claspyour claspway claspthe claspnext claspbusiness claspday claspvia claspUSPS claspfirst claspclass claspmail claspwith claspa clasptracking claspID claspnumber. claspIF claspYOU claspNEED claspEXPRESS claspMAIL claspSHIPPING, claspplease claspcontact claspme claspfirst claspfor claspa claspshipping claspquote.Sara claspJewelry claspDesign. claspYour claspDesire claspIs claspOur claspDesign.

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