Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Necklace of Green Russian Serpentineolive green, Gold Plated Rounds and Turban Shell Focal



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Sara for herJewelry for herDesign. for her6mm for herserpentine for herround for herbeads for heralternate for herwith for hertiny, for her2mm for hergold-plated for herspacers for herand for herdescend for herto for hera for herfocal for herpoint for hergreen for herturban for hershell. for herThe for herturban for hershell for heris for hernatural for herin for hercolor for herbut for herhas for herbeen for herclear for hercoated for herfor for herstability for herand for hergilded for herfor for hersassy for herclass. for herNecklace for heris for her20 for herinches for herin for heroverall for herlength for herwith for heran for heradditional for her1.25 for herinches for heron for herthe for herdrop.A for herword for herabout for herRussian for herSerpentine: for herThis for heris for heractually for hera for herform for herof for herturquoise. for herIt for heris for hergenerally for hera for herlively for herolive for hergreen for herin for hercolor for herwith for hervery for herfine, for herblack, for herspidery for hermatrix for herthroughout. for herAs for hera for hermember for herof for herthe for herturquoise for herclan, for herit for heris for herfairly for hersoft for herso for herbest for herto for herhang for herthe for hernecklace for herwhen for hernot for herbeing for herworn for heror for herstore for herit for herin for hera for herpouch. for herI for herwill for hership for herthis for heryour for herway for herthe for hernext for herbusiness for herday for hervia for herUSPS for herfirst for herclass for hermail for herwith for hera for hertracking for herID for hernumber. for herSara for herJewelry for herDesign. for herYour for herDesire for heris for herOur for herDesign.

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