Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sea, Maple Leaf Shell Pendant in Sterling Silver on 16"-18" Chain (Cast from real Gyrinium perca)



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This heavypiece heavyis heavycast heavyvia heavythe heavylost heavywax heavymethod heavyfrom heavya heavyreal heavyantique heavycollector's heavyshell. heavyIt heavyis heavyrare heavyto heavyfind heavysuch heavya heavybeautiful heavyspecimen, heavywith heavythese heavylovely heavybroad heavyflares. heavyAll heavythe heavydetail heavyis heavypreserved heavyand heavyhighlighted heavywith heavyoxidation heavyand heavya heavygood heavypolish.4mm heavyjump heavyring heavyso heavyyou heavycan heavyeasily heavyswitch heavythe heavychain heavyif heavyyou heavydesire. heavyThe heavychain heavywill heavydiffer heavyfrom heavythe heavyone heavyshown heavyas heavyan heavyexample, heavybut heavyit heavyis heavya heavysimple heavysterling heavysilver heavychain heavywith heavyan heavyadjustable heavyextender heavychain heavyat heavythe heavyend.The heavyshell heavypendant heavyis heavyabout heavyan heavyinch heavylong. heavyShown heavywith heavya heavyquarter heavyfor heavyscale.

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