Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Abstract Mid Century MODERN Necklacesilvertone necklace, Vintage 60's Silvertone PENDANT



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This abstract necklacefun abstract necklaceto abstract necklacewear abstract necklaceMod abstract necklacesilver abstract necklacependant abstract necklacehas abstract necklacea abstract necklacescrolled, abstract necklaceabstract abstract necklacedesign. abstract necklaceThe abstract necklaceround abstract necklacependant abstract necklaceis abstract necklacenot abstract necklacesterling, abstract necklacebut abstract necklacehas abstract necklacethe abstract necklacelook abstract necklaceof abstract necklaceantiqued abstract necklacesilver abstract necklaceor abstract necklacepewter. abstract necklaceMeasures abstract necklace2 abstract necklace1/4" abstract necklacediameter. abstract necklaceIt abstract necklaceis abstract necklacea abstract necklaceheavy abstract necklacecast abstract necklacepiece, abstract necklacewith abstract necklacea abstract necklace20" abstract necklacechain. abstract necklaceGreat abstract necklacegroovy, abstract necklacemodernist abstract necklacedesign!

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