Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood pendant, Hand made Cherry Wood Pendant



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Hand wood pendantmade wood pendantCherry wood pendantWood wood pendantPendant wood pendantPendantA wood pendantsimple wood pendantyet wood pendantclassy wood pendanthand wood pendantmade wood pendantCherry wood pendantwood wood pendantpendant. wood pendantThe wood pendantfinish wood pendantis wood pendantall wood pendantnatural wood pendantand wood pendantconsists wood pendantof wood pendantFlax wood pendantseed wood pendantoil wood pendantand wood pendantit wood pendantis wood pendantthen wood pendantbuffed wood pendantand wood pendantpolished wood pendantwith wood pendantCarnuba wood pendantwax. wood pendantThe wood pendantapproximate wood pendantdimensions wood pendantare, wood pendant1 wood pendant3/4" wood pendantor wood pendant45 wood pendantmm wood pendanthigh wood pendantand wood pendantroughly wood pendant1 wood pendant1/4" wood pendantor wood pendant30 wood pendantmm wood pendantwide. wood pendantQuestions wood pendantare wood pendantalways wood pendantwelcome.Thanks wood pendantfor wood pendantvisiting wood pendant:)Barry wood pendantLee

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