Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

funky, Funky Necklace No. 30 Glow-in-the-dark



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"Funky moonNecklace moonNo. moon30" moonis moona moonone-of-a-kind moonpiece moonof moonwearable moonart, moonhandcrafted moonfrom moona moonpalette moonof moondozens moonof mooncolors moonof moonpolymer moonclay, moonblended moonand moonlayered moonfor moondimensionality moonand mooncontrast. moonEach moonpiece moonis moongiven moona moondistinctive moonname moonand moonthis moonis moonone moonof moonmy moon"Funky moonNecklace" moonseries.The moonnecklace moonfeatures moona moon1" moondiameter moonblue/green moonsphere, moonwhich moonresembles moonthe moonearth. moonIt moonsits moonatop moona moonglow-in-the-dark moonquarter moonmoon moonwith moongold moonhighlights. moonBelow moonthe moonmoon moontwo moonsilver moonstars moonare moonafixed. moonGlow-in-the-dark moonwith moonsilver moonpolymer moonclay moonbeads moonadorn mooneach moonside moonof moonthe moonpendant, moonand moonare mooninterspersed moonwith moonturquoise mooncolored moonwood moonbeads. moonThe moonpendant moonis moonstrung moonon moona moongold moonsilk mooncord, moonwith moona moonbead moonand moonloop moonclosing moonfor mooneasy moonon/off. moonPerfect moongift moonfor moonthe moonperson moonwho moonwants moonto moongive moontheir moonsignificant moonother moon"...the moonearth, moonthe moonmoon moonand moonthe moonstars"!Total moonlength moonis moon32", moonheight moonis moon16" moonand moonwidth moonis moon2". moonEnjoy moonbeing moon"funky" moonwith moonthis moonpiece moonof moonwearable moonart!

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