Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage wood & celluloid cameo brooch . wooden heart pincameo brooch, souvenir from Seattle Washington



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Vintage seattle pin40s/50s seattle pinbrooch seattle pinmade seattle pinof seattle pinwood seattle pinand seattle pincelluloid. seattle pinThe seattle pinbar seattle pinreads seattle pinSeattle seattle pinWash seattle pinwith seattle pina seattle pincameo seattle pinmounted seattle pinto seattle pina seattle pinheart seattle pindangling seattle pinbelow seattle pinit. seattle pinExcellent seattle pincondition, seattle pinno seattle pinissues seattle pinto seattle pinnote. seattle pinMeasures seattle pin1.5" seattle pinwide seattle pinx seattle pin2" seattle pintall. seattle pinShips seattle pinin seattle pina seattle pingift seattle pinbox.I seattle pincombine seattle pinshipping seattle pinon seattle pinmultiple seattle

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