Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1970s necklacemodernist necklace, Avon boho Mayan modernist brushed silver pendant on bar chain



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Vintage modernist necklaceAvon modernist necklacenecklace modernist necklacefrom modernist necklacetheir modernist necklaceMayan modernist necklaceCollection, modernist necklace1974. modernist necklaceThe modernist necklacearticulated, modernist necklacebrushed modernist necklacesilver modernist necklacetone modernist necklacependant modernist necklaceis modernist necklacesigned modernist necklaceon modernist necklacethe modernist necklaceback. modernist necklaceExcellent modernist necklacecondition, modernist necklaceno modernist necklaceflaws. modernist necklaceClean modernist necklaceand modernist necklacebright. modernist necklaceThe modernist necklacechain modernist necklacemeasures modernist necklace23" modernist necklacelong, modernist necklacethe modernist necklacependant modernist necklaceis modernist necklace2.5" modernist necklacelong. modernist necklaceShips modernist necklacein modernist necklacea modernist necklacegift modernist necklacebox.I modernist necklacecombine modernist necklaceshipping modernist necklaceon modernist necklacemultiple modernist

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