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gold brooch, vintage Monet wire strawberry brooch



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Vintage gold broochwire gold broochstrawberry gold broochbrooch gold broochby gold broochMonet, gold broochsigned gold broochon gold broochthe gold broochback. gold broochThe gold broochbrooch gold broochis gold broochin gold broochexcellent gold broochcondition. gold broochMeasures gold brooch2.25" gold broochtall gold broochand gold brooch1.5" gold broochwide.Ships gold broochin gold broocha gold broochgift gold broochbox.I gold broochcombine gold broochshipping gold broochon gold broochmultiple gold broochitems.Vintage gold broochjewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?section_id=14198588

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