Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1970s vintage tassel necklacetassle necklace, multi chain gold tonetassle necklace, signed Sarah Coventry



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Vintage sarah coventrygold sarah coventrytone sarah coventrytassel sarah coventrynecklace, sarah coventrysigned sarah coventrySarah sarah coventryCoventry. sarah coventryThe sarah coventrynecklace sarah coventryis sarah coventrycomprised sarah coventryof sarah coventryseveral sarah coventrychains sarah coventryin sarah coventrydifferent sarah coventrystyles sarah coventrywith sarah coventrya sarah coventrylong sarah coventrytassel. sarah coventryThe sarah coventrytassel sarah coventryis sarah coventryremovable, sarah coventrytoo! sarah coventryYou sarah coventryget sarah coventrytwo sarah coventrynecklaces sarah coventryin sarah coventryone. sarah coventryThe sarah coventrynecklace sarah coventryis sarah coventry20" sarah coventrylong, sarah coventrythe sarah coventrytassel sarah coventryhangs sarah coventry5.75" sarah coventrylong. sarah coventryExcellent sarah coventrycondition.Ships sarah coventryin sarah coventrya sarah coventrygift sarah coventrybox.I sarah coventrycombine sarah coventryshipping sarah coventryon sarah coventrymultiple sarah coventryitems.Vintage sarah coventryjewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?ref=hdr_shop_menu\u00a7ion_id=14198588

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