Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dragonfly broochdragonfly brooch, mixed metals with kinetic moving tail



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Quirky mixed metalsand mixed metalscool mixed metalsvintage mixed metalsdragonfly mixed metalsbrooch. mixed metalsIt mixed metalsis mixed metalsmade mixed metalsof mixed metalsmixed mixed metalsmetals mixed metalswith mixed metalsa mixed metalswee mixed metalsfaux mixed metalspearl mixed metalscab mixed metalsand mixed metalsa mixed metalsslightly mixed metalsbigger mixed metalspurple mixed metalsstone mixed metalson mixed metalsthe mixed metalswings. mixed metalsThe mixed metalstail mixed metalsis mixed metalsa mixed metalsbeaded mixed metalsstrand mixed metalsthat mixed metalssways mixed metalsas mixed metalsyou mixed metalsmove. mixed metalsUnsigned. mixed metalsMeasures mixed metals3.5" mixed metalsincluding mixed metalsthe mixed metalstail, mixed metalsand mixed metalsabout mixed metals1.75" mixed metalsnot mixed metalsincluding mixed metalsthe mixed metalstail. mixed metalsExcellent mixed metalscondition, mixed metalsno mixed metalsflaws.Ships mixed metalsin mixed metalsa mixed metalsgift mixed metalsbox.I mixed metalscombine mixed metalsshipping mixed metalson mixed metalsmultiple mixed

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